About Us

FAMSA East Rand is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization depended on donations from the general public, and subsidy from the Department of Social Development (SA) including sponsorships from the private sector and grants from various institutions that provide financial assistance to NGOs.


Healthy family life which is our National priority


To improve and maintain mutually satisfying relationships within individuals, families, marriages and community life for all people of South Africa by: • Providing preventative and theropeutic services • Endeavouring to influence social policy, the development of progrornmes and mobilization of resources.

Our Belief

’Healthy family life promotes community well-being *Individuals, families and communities have the potential to change, grow, and take responsibility for themselves (self-determination) *Diverse types of family life — All have the right to be recognised.

Our Commitment

*Making our services accessible to all people and communities ““Accountability ’”Respect for basic human right is ”Confidentiality ”Respect for others opinion *Quality and excellence of service

Get assistance with professional counsellors, helping you reshape your marriage and guiding you through rehabilitation procees on addiction

domestic violence
Help stop gender based violence (GBV) and femicide. Lets reshape our communities together

Gender Based Violence
Get help in regaining your position

Employee Assistance

Educational / Prevention


Raising awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS and other disease such as STI"S. Giving hope to the affected generation.

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Know yourself better than others. Protect yourself and see yourself as how you would want others to see you.

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There is much to live for and plenty of things that you can achieve. Don't take your own life, rather get assistance and guidance

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